TIME AND TOAST is all about enjoying some of life's simple pleasures and daily rituals. And my cards and tableware are intended to be a celebration of the things we like, to be shared with the people we love. 

My ceramics journey began as a result of the painting class being full at school, so I ended up in the pottery class - and I loved it! Somewhat ironically it was doing pottery, rather than painting, that made realise how much I loved designing things, which led me on to deciding to study graphic design. Fast forward through getting a degree, quite a few years of working in design, until a few years ago when I went back to doing pottery, this time through adult education. I was hooked again.

It’s only really now, with hindsight, that I can see that pottery has influenced quite a few of my creative choices, primarily with the launch of TIME AND TOAST in 2016. I've always loved the whiteness and translucency of bone china (and it’s a material I’ve yet to experiment with in my handmade ceramics). And so, after lots of research and sampling, I decided that, despite its higher cost, it was really important to use only the best quality English bone china - Made in Britain. This was, after all, to be a celebration of the things we like.

As a child I was always collecting postcards, greetings cards, and filling scrapbooks with ephemera. I guess it was how my passion for print began. Soon after launching my bone china range, I decided to design a range of greetings cards with the same distinctive and minimalist aesthetic. It has been a great way to further experiment with humour, typography, wordplay and colour - and to add to this celebration of the things we like


The inspiration came from reading one of the many philosophical musings of Dougal, the dog, in The Magic Roundabout - and his rather wonderful misappropriation of a quote on time and tide. I wrote it down in a notebook, but it was never far from my mind. Given that food and drink has provided inspiration for so much of my work over the years, both as a graphic designer, and more recently with clay, it somehow seemed like the obvious choice for a name.

2016 was also the year that I choose to take myself a little further out of my comfort zone, and enrol to study ceramics part-time. Having now completed the course, I am keen to see how I can incorporate this into TIME AND TOAST.

You can check out some of my handmade ceramics here.